Blended Salad/Soup
A favorite from the kitchen of Toni Truesell

I enjoy variations of this blended salad/soup every day for lunch.  What goes into it depends upon what’s in my refrigerator!
    A Vita-Mix is very helpful in making this salad. But give it a try if you have any good, powerful blender.

Veggies of any kind. I suggest: Carrots, celery, green, red or yellow peppers, onion, bok-choy, spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, tomato... Be creative!  Wash and cut veggies before blending.

To thin:
add water to desired consistency.

To thicken:
add garbanzo beans (or bean of choice), cooked rice or oven baked corn chips.

To spice:
add salt, pepper, cumin, Tabasco sauce, etc. to taste. (I add ground flax seed as well.)

 Blend above ingredients until smooth. The amount you blend is dependent upon how many you wish to serve. Serve either cold or hot.

See Nutrition Nuggets in the September AVS Newsletter, page 6, for the benefits of eating a Blended Salad.