Foster Homes for Animals
by Delisa Renideo

(Fourth article)

In my last article, I talked about resources available to help with the cost of spaying and neutering your animal companions, which is the single most important action each of us needs to take to reduce the numbers of dogs and cats killed at the Borough Animal Shelter each year. Since writing that article, I discovered that STOP (Stop the Overpopulation of Pets) partners with ALL veterinarians, not just the SPCA, to help pet owners with the costs of spaying and neutering. Call STOP at 746-7729 to request an application for a coupon to receive 50% off these procedures.

If your animals are already spayed and neutered, how can you help our community solve the homeless pets problem? One way is by volunteering your time at the Borough Shelter to walk and play with dogs, pet and cuddle cats, or brush and groom dogs and cats to make them more irresistible to their potential adopters. The Shelter is very understaffed and unable to give the animals this sort of attention, so we need volunteers for these essential jobs. Volunteers are also needed for many other tasks, so if you have computer skills, landscaping talents, or are good at finding doggy and kitty toys and supplies at thrift stores or garage sales, you can help our community and our animal friends.

Another HUGE way to help is by providing foster care for cats and dogs awaiting adoption. Foster homes are an essential element in our community’s efforts to find permanent, loving homes for animals. Space at the Borough Shelter is limited, so many animals taken there are transferred to foster homes until they are adopted. It is when the Shelter is full and there are no more foster homes available that perfectly healthy, adoptable dogs and cats end up being killed.

If fostering animals sounds like something you would enjoy, visit Several rescue organizations are included on this site, with links to other organizations. You will find phone numbers to talk with someone about becoming a foster home in their organization. Most of these organizations provide the food and supplies needed. All you need to supply is the love!

You can reach Delisa Renideo at 373-1526.

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