Why Join AVS?

The Alaska Vegan Society (AVS) is critical to a movement that is dramatically changing people's lives.  In the midst of America's health care crisis and obesity epidemic, it's tremendously exciting and empowering to know we can turn it around through making personal changes in our own diet. Not only can we improve our own health; we make it easier for others to follow suit.

Read about Joy Santos, who overcame the prison of food addiction or Regina Montgomery, who is now free of the incapacitating pain of rheumatoid arthritis.  These are just two of the hundreds of Alaskan lives that have been changed, and sometimes actually saved, by a shift to a plant-based diet. People with Type 2  Diabetes have reversed this disease, reducing and sometimes eliminating all medications. Others have helped put their cancer into remission. Many others have reversed their heart disease, lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure and losing excess weight. And everyone experiences more energy and vitality after shifting to a healthy, plant-based diet.

AVS supports these dietary changes in many ways:
  • Monthly potlucks: These events provide significant support for anyone wanting to change their diet. Meeting monthly with others on the same journey makes us realize we arenít alone.  It also offers us a chance to eat EVERYTHING on the tables without worrying about it containing ingredients we wish to avoid, such as chicken broth in the soup, cheese in the casserole, or bacon in the salad.  We get new ideas and new recipes from sampling the dishes brought by others. Itís also a great way to introduce our friends and family to the wide variety of delicious plant-based foods.
We also enjoy a short cooking demonstration and an educational program at each potluck.  Nutritional information is always evolving, and we try to provide the latest and best information available.   We have books and videos for sale, as well as free hand-outs and a video lending library. To add to the fun, we have drawings and door prizes. We benefit from the enthusiasm and passion of others and go away feeling energized! 

  • Annual Picnic: Every summer, in June, we have our potluck picnic in Palmer.  It's great fun, with wonderful food and games suitable for families and anyone wanting to have an enjoyable day outside.
  • Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner: Where else can you enjoy a completely vegan, totally delicious feast on Thanksgiving Day?  Plus we have a program including music, stories, poems and interesting information related to Thanksgiving.
      With all these things already in place, itís probably hard to imagine the effort and expense involved in providing them.  It has taken many hours of dedicated work as well as money to get us where we are now, and it continues to take time and money to provide these services as well as expand them.
        If you can see the value of being part of an organization that has dramatically changed so many lives in Alaska, as well as touching countless lives in our collective web of influence, we ask you to join us by becoming a member.
       By becoming a member you receive the satisfaction of knowing youíre helping save lives by supporting the ongoing education of individuals, groups, and the public.  Youíre also helping raise awareness of our personal contribution to a healthier, more sustainable, more compassionate world through the adoption of a plant-based diet.

All donations are tax deductible.

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