The second Saturday of the month Alaska Vegetarian Society has a film night.

Our world is constantly changing and it is important that we stay aware of how these changes will effect us. The films will be on a wide range of topics including: health, nutrition, the environment, and sustainable and compassionate living. We will be showing films people would not typically find at BlockBuster or NetFlix. Our hope is that these films will be thought provoking, educational, inspiring and mind expanding--opening us up to new perspectives.

There will be discussion time after the film to help foster ideas of how these topics affect us and actions we can take personally, culturally and as a species.

The ending time will vary depending on the length of the film and the discussion afterwords.

For directions and a map to the film location click the "Map" button at left.

Film Nights are cancelled for the Summer months.
(We will return in September.)

Dayspring Enrichment Center, in Wasilla

Cost: FREE

This Month's Film:
by ?
About the film....

Film is about 1 hour long.

WHEN: Saturday, ???, from 7 - 9 p.m.

WHERE: Dayspring Enrichment Center. For directions, click "Map" button. For more info. call 373-1526.

WHO: Anyone interested in learning more about .....


Is This for Kids?
The subject matter is suitable for everyone with a curious mind, including school-age children.

Next Month's Film:
Sorry, we haven't picked one yet!