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The one stop place in Alaska where you can find links to many of the organizations and foster groups which shelter animals until they find the perfect home.
It is also, the prefect place to find a wonderful companion animal.
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The Alaska Vegan Society is a wonderful way
for people to come together and explore the
delights and many compelling reasons for eating a
plant-based diet.

Inspiring lifestyle choices
for a 
and sustainable world
All live events are cancelled for now.

Join us for a virtual potluck 
on July 25, 2020
for our monthly Zoom gathering.

Virtual Potluck!

Even though we can't meet in person for our monthly potluck again this month, we CAN get together on Zoom.

So let's do!

I'm hoping you can join us on July 25 at 6 p.m.
Delisa will email you the link to the call.

AVS T-Shirts and Alaska VegFest bags
are here and for sale now!!

They are available at Alaska Vegan Society and Anchorage Vegan potlucks.

Other Vegan Events

Anchorage Vegan Potluck

All live potlucks are cancelled for now.

Location: University Baptist Church
4313 Wright St. (Tudor & Wright St.)

What to bring:
1. Vegan dish to share (100% plant-based) & serving
2. Your own plate, cup, bowl, flatware, napkin & water
3. Copy of the recipe for the dish brought.
4. A wrapped gift for the gift exchange if you want to participate. (Do not put your name on it.)

Program: White Elephant Gift Exchange
          Cost: $2 donation suggested to help pay for room rental

You can also check out their Facebook page: Anchorage Vegan Potluck

If you have questions or would like to help with future potlucks call
Alaska Vegan Society is not the sponsor of this event. However, we are happy to see this group's efforts to continue providing support for Anchorage vegans.

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Vegan Cooking and Nutrition Classes

Local, Live Classes
The Yes to Life
Slim & Healthy Nutrition & Cooking Course
Live classes taught by Delisa & Charlie Renideo in Anchorage & Wasilla
This course was developed by Delisa based on her years of experience as a nutrition and cooking instructor. She teaches you the science-based reasons why a whole-foods, plant-based diet is the best way to lose weight and regain health. She also demonstrates simple and healthy ways to prepare your food and the best part is, you get to taste the food!

Two Nutrition & Cooking courses
created by Delisa & Charlie Renideo
Yes To Life Nutrition & Cooking Course
This is a comprehensive online video nutrition and cooking course. After you go through this course you will know more about nutrition than most other people, all taught in a simple and easy-to-understand method.
Home Baked Goodness
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make HEALTHY,
delicious and light, 100% whole-grain bread?
Here is your chance!
Delisa shows you how to in easy-to-understand steps, so you can make delicious, home baked bread for yourself.

Newsletter Archives
Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter
Be sure to check out our 4 1/2 years of archived newsletters with many great thought provoking articles, recipes, nutrition information and inspirational stories of how switching to a plant-based diet has made dramatic changes in peoples lives. 

2012 Archive 

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